X-Ray Answer

 Posted by on 13 February 2009 at 12:33 pm  Fun, Health Care
Feb 132009

This woman has a completely collapsed left lung. That’s why the left chest cavity is completely black. In contrast, the still-normal right lung shows the fine branching blood vessels emanating from the heart.

The white glob of tissue adjacent to the left side of her heart is her collapsed left lung plastered up against the left-sided heart border.

Here is a normal chest x-ray for comparison:

This is a severe case of spontaneous pneumothorax, much more severe than this one from three months ago.

The last I had heard, she was appropriately treated and doing well.

The slight difference in the height of the two sides of her diaphragm are within normal variation.

The apparent scoliosis of the spine is not real. Instead, I think folks are looking at the air-filled trachea (windpipe) which takes a slight normal curve to the right as it moves past the aorta. The trachea is slightly darker vertical stripe which then branches into the two separate “mainstem bronchi” — one for each lung.

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