No Stimulus

 Posted by on 3 February 2009 at 10:08 am  Activism, Politics
Feb 032009

I just e-mailed my Colorado Senator Mark Udall the following message about the proposed “stimulus package”:

Dear Senator Udall,

Please vote NO on the stimulus package. The economy doesn’t need to be stimulated by government handouts and pork. Instead, congress and the president should:

  • Cut the corporate tax rate. The US has one of the highest in the world; it damages our economy by enticing businesses to move overseas.

  • Cut the personal income tax rate for everyone who actually pays taxes. Stop vilifying and punishing financial success. Stop discouraging people from using their own creativity, skills, and effort to succeed in business.
  • Cut capital gains tax rate. It’s unjust double taxation that distorts the market.
  • Eliminate all tariffs and protectionism. Any barriers to trade hurt America.
  • Massively cut government spending on welfare and health programs, eliminate corporate welfare, and eliminate the regulations that make doing business a mess of inane red tape.

Freedom — not more government spending — is the recipe for a speedy economic recovery.

Our other senator, Michael Bennett, does not list an e-mail address, so I called him instead, leaving a message saying basically what I said in the letter above. I’m also trying to call Senator Udall, but I’m on perpetual hold.

You can find contact information for your senator on Please feel free to use my letter (or a modified version thereof) if you so choose. The most important thing is to write or call — and just express your opposition to the stimulus package.

Update: I finally got through to a real person at Udall’s office. I told her that I strongly opposed the stimulus plan — and that I wanted to see tax cuts, not more government spending.

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