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Jan 292009
  • Jason Sheehan, the food critic of the Westword, Denver’s alternative weekly newspaper, savages PETA’s call to rename fish to prevent people from eating them. The title says it all: PETA in the news again: “Sea Kittens” campaign making me hungry. (Via Ari Armstrong.)
  • President Bush’s Cheese Wars: In retaliation for the EU banning the US’s hormone-treated beef, President Bush slapped a 100 percent tariff on a variety of EU goods — and a 300 percent tariff on roquefort cheese. What ever happened to global free trade? Yes, I know, it’s hiding in the basement with other supposedly outmoded concepts like “limited government” and “fiscal responsibility.” Thanks, George.

    For the record, although I prefer not to consume it, people should be able to buy and sell beef from cows treated with hormones freely. The law should only ban fraud, such as the labeling of hormone-treated beef as hormone-free. Unfortunately, that can be a genuine problem.

  • Your doctor’s fine-looking white coat and your nurse’s scrubs may be a serious health menace.
  • Too strange: Knitters Become Graffiti Artists. (Via Rory Hodgson.)
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