Soliciting Murder

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Mar 042003

Ever since I first heard of the payments to the families of suicide bombers, I’ve had a legal question that I hope some blogosphere lawyers can help me answer. The question is: Is the payment of families of “martyrs” for killing infidels substantially different from murder-for-hire?

Potential suicide bombers know that their families will be paid (by Saddam, Saudi charities, and so on) if they kill some Jews and Christians in the process of blowing themselves up. Granted, no personal contact is made before the bombing. And particular individuals are not targeted, only members of groups. But isn’t knowledge that the money will be forthcoming as a result of criminal action enough to justify murder-for-hire? In particular, don’t the families of the murderers enter into the conspiracy by accepting the payment for the murders?

Back in April, Bush said that those paying the families of suicide bombers are “guilty of soliciting murder of the worst kind.” Is the charge of soliciting murder only a metaphorical or moral claim? Could it be made to stick in a court of law?

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