John Lewis to Speak in Fort Collins

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Jan 192009

Joe Collins — a teacher at Ridgeview Classical Schools — invites you dinner and a lecture by Objectivist historian on “Love and War in the Early Greek Poets” in Fort Collins on Friday, January 30th.

Here’s the announcement from Joe Collins:

John David Lewis, visiting professor of political science at Duke University, will be in Fort Collins Friday, January 30 to give an opening address for the fifth annual Young Aristotle Competition. The talk is entitled “Love and War in the Early Greek Poets.” Here is a synopsis of the talk:

“Long before the development of philosophy as a field of study, the Greeks asked questions about the world we live in. What is it that ties all things together, and that also leads to so much conflict? Many thought that there were two forces in the world: Love, and Strife. This lecture will consider some of the earliest thoughts on these forces, both by philosophers and by poets, and will ask how their ideas can help us to understand the world we live in today.”

Dr. Lewis holds a PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge, and an Anthem Fellowship for Objectivist Scholarship. He is a senior research scholar in history and classics at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University. His books are “Solon the Thinker: Political Thought in Archaic Athens” (Duckworth, 2006), and “Early Greek Lawgivers” (Bristol Classical Press, 2007). His book “Nothing Less Than Victory: The Will to Fight and the Lessons of History” is in press with Princeton University Press.

We invite you to an evening of intellectual inquiry and academic scholarship. Tickets for the dinner and lecture are only $9.00, proceeds paying for the event. Contact Joe Collins jcollins(AT) to reserve your tickets. Should you not be able to attend and yet would like to support Objectivist speakers, and the schools and teachers who incorporate them in education, feel free to make a contribution.

I’ll be there!

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