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Jan 192009

A few days ago, Paul and I registered for OCON — the Ayn Rand Institute’s summer conference — in order to take advantage of the discount for registering before February 1st.

As for the general sessions, I’m particularly eager to hear Tara Smiths two lectures, No Tributes to Caesar: Good or Evil in Atlas Shrugged and “Humanity’s Darkest Evil:” The Lethal Destructiveness of Non-Objective Law, John Allison on Principled Leadership, and Onkar Ghate on The Separation of Church and State.

As for the optional courses, Paul and I registered for the following:

Session One:

  1. A: Eric Daniels: Religion in American History

  2. B: Yaron Brook: The Moral Defense of Capitalism: A History

Session Two:

  1. A: Craig Biddle: Moral Rights and Metaphysical Law

  2. B: Pat Corvini: Limits and the Universality of Mathematics

I really wish we could also take John Lewis’ course The History of Ancient Greece: The Archaic Period, but we’re otherwise booked in the “B Block.” So we’ll definitely order that one on CD.

As for the other events, Paul and I will be attending the opening banquet but not the closing banquet. We always go out to a fine dinner with friends instead of the closing banquet. We never much enjoy the random good-byes, the overly loud music, and the overpriced food of the closing banquet. Unfortunately, some of our usual friends will be otherwise occupied or absent from OCON. So, friends, if you’d be interested in dining with us on that July 11th, just drop me an e-mail sometime in the next few months.

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