Tammy and I thought it would be great to produce a series of T-shirt designs for those occasions when it is appropriate to wear our ideas on our sleeves. Bonus points if they aren’t just provocative but actually spark some good engagement!

Here’s a design that offers a simple, wry response to the oddly-fashionable notion that Christianity isn’t a religion (no sir, it’s a relationship with Jesus): I have a personal relationship with reality.

You can’t tell at that resolution, but the font sports a distressed typewriter look, and there is a subtle emphasis on the word ‘reality’. Here’s a closer look:

(Just click through to BoltOfReason.Com to check out all the available styles and colors. We of course love suggestions and requests — we’re already working on a lot of fun ideas, and if you are the first to hit us with a new one that we use in a future shirt design, you’ll get one for free!)

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