The Meaning of Marriage

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Feb 282003

I loved Tuesday’s Bleat on the meaning of marriage.

Paul and I have certain words that we characteristically mispronounce. “Suave” sounds like “swave.” Yosemite (a local street) sounds like “Yo, Semite.” “Chipotle’s” is pronounced “Chip-oat-lees.” I sometimes have trouble remembering which is the proper pronunciation and which is our silly pronunciation. I suspect that someday I will be deeply embarrassed by the confusion… but at least I’ll be able to point people to this blog entry.

But if I’m ever caught belting out one of my badly-rhyming, off-key, and wholly ridiculous odes to my husband in public, that’ll be another story!

Update: Paul just reminded me of one of his sillier pronunciations: “Palm Pilot” is pronounced with a French accent, like “Palm Pea-low.” Okay, so maybe you have to hear him use in casual conversation…

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