Question on Switching to Mac

 Posted by on 6 January 2009 at 12:40 pm  Computers
Jan 062009

Bryan Armentrout recently e-mailed me the following about switching from PC to Mac. I didn’t have anything to add over and above what was said in the comments of this post, Back to Mac?, except that I recommended TUAW. (They probably have some good resources for people making the switch.) So anyone have any new advice to offer? Here’s what Bryan wrote:

I am looking at switching from a PC to a Mac – the IMac 3.06GHz, 24″ specifically. I am holding off until the convention is done this week to decide on a model. Rumors of a new model introduction this week. This is for home use only – no serious artistic applications in mind, but I would like to build up a website myself.

You have commented on your Apple before on Noodlefood.

Any quick recomendations or things a Mac newbie should look out for?


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