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Dec 202008

Because I don’t have time to write up my planned post on barefoot running (!!), I’m going to dump some links on you from my overflowing “Blog Me – Food” bookmarks folder. It’s good stuff, so enjoy!

  • I recently discovered Lorette C. Luzajic, a food writer for Gremolata, via a two part interview on Modern Forager: Part I and Part 2. I very much liked the interview — and the two articles that I read:
    • Spilling The Beans: The Trouble with Soy. If you eat tofu — or processed foods of any kind, most of which contain soy — you might want to think twice about this supposed health food.

    • I’m A Natural Born Killer. Is vegetarianism the healthy lifestyle that most of us just don’t have the willpower to adopt? Or is it just modern asceticism slathered in propaganda?

    Also, her blog looks interesting, although not often updated.

  • Stephan has been kicking ass and taking names, yet again. Go check out his latest offerings. You’ll never look at your french fries the same again — and not because of the carb-heavy potatoes.
  • “Eat a Balanced Diet” and Other Useless Advice by Johnny Bowden. He nails the problem with advice like “eat a balanced diet,” “everything in moderation, “eat less junk food,” and even “eat more fruits and vegetables.” He writes:
    What is a balanced diet? What elements should be balanced? Everything in moderation? Does that include sugar for sugar addicts, or alcohol for alcoholics? What is junk food? Is it synonomous with fast food? All fast food, or just some of it? You mean “slow food” can’t be junk? And which fruits and vegetables should we eat “more of?” How much more? Are they all created equal? Are fruits and vegetables even equivalent on the nutritional pantheon?

    He then offers some basic (and good) answers to those questions.

  • Inside the Story: Gary Taubes: What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie? An interesting interview with Gary Taubes about his 2002 NY Times article, What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?. Here’s a tidbit:
    HENRY: Did the reaction to your NYT Magazine story surprise you?

    TAUBES: Yes. Even though I knew the article would be the most controversial article the Times Magazine ran all year, it still shocked me. More than anything, it was the viciousness of some of the responses. One of my good friends in the science journalism business–someone who had written a book on obesity and concluded, as the establishment insists, that the culprits are over-consumption of fatty diets and inactivity–went from considering me one of the four or five best science writers in the country to accusing me of having had a brain transplant and making up the story to get a big book deal.

    I’m not surprised.

  • The Great Divide. A surprisingly good Washington Post article on the Weston A. Price Foundation.
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