Embracing Contradiction

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Feb 242003

I think that Dean Kamen (the inventor of Segway) must be an advocate of “free markets” like college students are advocates of “free beer.” According to the Washington Post article:

The inventor, a proponent of free markets, also wants Congress to help him sell more Segways to consumers by funding projects that would create paths for the scooters in cities, and by providing environmental tax credits to people who buy them.

“One of the reasons Dean moved to New Hampshire was he loved the ‘live free or die’ motto. Keep government out,” said Brian Toohey, a vice president at Kamen’s company. “But to make this technology widely available, we need government help.”

Well now, that just blew apart my standard model of how much contradiction people can tolerate in their beliefs. Wow. Oh, and isn’t it just rich that the VP is named “Toohey”? (Thanks to Quare for the link and quotes.)

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