Dec 032008

Tammy and I thought it would be great to produce a series of T-shirt designs for those occasions when it is appropriate to wear our ideas on our sleeves. Bonus points if they aren’t just provocative but actually spark some good engagement!

This design speaks to the phenomenon of Christians who are taught to be in the world but not of the world and revel in being aliens here in reality. There is even a company named NOTW (“Not Of This World”) that sells them a staggering array of hip decals and clothing.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s just messed up. The world is the source of every one of our values — that’s why we are in it, and why we should love being in it!

Yes, that is a reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned Vitruvian Man drawing. “This image exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance and … represents a cornerstone of Da Vinci’s attempts to relate man to nature.” Here’s a closer look:

(Just click through to BoltOfReason.Com to check out all the available styles and colors. We of course love suggestions and requests — we’re already working on a lot of fun ideas, and if you are the first to hit us with a new one that we use in a future shirt design, you’ll get one for free!)

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