Nov 282008

Objectivist graphic designer John Powers has created these terrific “alternate Christmas cards”:

From the website:

Isaac Newton Christmas Cards

Celebrate reason and science on December 25th, instead of the same old bearded mystic!

I like to send Christmas cards, but as an atheist, I have had to limit myself to the hundreds of bland cards that neutrally say “Happy Holidays.” I decided that if it’s okay for (almost) everyone else to stamp, seal, and deliver their philosophy to me every Christmas, I’ll do just the same.

Sir Isaac Newton’s ideas helped to rescue mankind from drudgery and propel it into the space age. I am a lover of reason, and I love it unashamedly, and I want my friends to know it too. They will this Christmas. Yours can, too.


Outside: “On December 25th, a Savior was born. He revealed eternal Truth, bringing Joy to millions. He astonished the world with His command over Nature. He changed history forever.”

Inside: “Happy Birthday, Sir Isaac Newton. December 25, 1642 – March 20, 1726″.

Web site and greeting card designs are copyright © 2008 John Powers.

(John also did free web design for the FIRM site.)

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