Ayn Rand Bookstore Clearance Sale

 Posted by on 20 November 2008 at 5:56 pm  Objectivism
Nov 202008

An exciting surprise at this year’s OCON was the opportunity to purchase audiocassette versions of Ayn Rand Bookstore products at the low low price of $4.95 a tape. Needless to say, I stocked up. Now you can too! From the ARB website:

The Ayn Rand Bookstore is pleased to announce a clearance sale on all audiocassette products published by the Ayn Rand Bookstore, while supplies last.

In order to clear out our existing audiocassette supplies, we are now discounting prices to $4.95 per cassette. A single-cassette item will be $4.95; a two-cassette product will sell for $9.90; and so on. In some cases, prices are now as much as 75% below list price.

Sale prices will remain effective until all of our audiocassette products are sold out. Audiocassette products will later be reintroduced in other formats.

Listen and learn!

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