Sensible Shoes Libertarians

 Posted by on 11 April 2002 at 10:15 pm  Uncategorized
Apr 112002

VodkaPundit blogs on things he knows but cannot prove. The best, by a long shot is…

Virginia Postrel is the hottest “sensible shoes” libertarian. Ever.

He then notes:

NOTE: Newer readers, or humans in general, might take “‘sensible shoes’ libertarian” as a slur on Virginia’s wardrobe. Far from it. Nothing to do with clothes at all. Sensible shoes libertarians are real-world reformers. Then there are Combat Boot Libertarians — revolutionaries still clutching dog-earred copies of Atlas Shrugged. And Golf Shoe Libertarians, who are just Republican wanna-be radicals.

This opens up a whole world of possibility concerning the classification of Libertarians. How about Thigh Boot Libertarians? Or Dirty Old Sneaker Libertarians? Slipper Libertarians? The Shoe Libertarian Ideology Classification System (SLICS) must be developed further!

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