A Good Day

 Posted by on 3 November 2008 at 8:38 am  Abortion, Activism, Dissertation
Nov 032008

Today is a good day.

(1) Last night, I finished the first draft of the fifth chapter of my dissertation. It was a 43-page chapter articulating, developing, and defending Aristotle’s theory of moral responsibility. I’ve now written 148 pages, and I probably have about 80 left to write, in the form of the final three chapters applying my Aristotelian account of moral responsibility to the various cases of circumstantial, resultant, and constitutive moral luck. I’m going to have to crank them out fast — before the end of the calendar year. (For some background on my dissertation, see this post on my prospectus.)

(2) The Rocky Mountain News unexpectedly published my op-ed against Colorado’s Amendment 48 in defense of abortion rights today. You can read it — and leave a comment — here: There’s nothing wrong with abortion, but 48 is wrong. (That’s not my title, but I’m not complaining.)

(3) In celebration, I’m going to take today off. I have a slew of household chores to catch up on, plus some fun cooking to do. I’ll be making homemade applesauce, as well as roasting the seeds from one of the delicious pumpkins I grew in my garden this year.

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