Speedy Diana!

 Posted by on 3 February 2003 at 9:16 pm  Uncategorized
Feb 032003


After struggling for almost two years with a very slow and very expensive ISDN line, we just got our neighborhood wireless internet access installed today. Bandwidth Place has us at a “fantastic” rating of 1.2 megabits per second. (Yes, that’s almost as fast as a T1 line.) The ISDN was basically two 56K lines — for a whopping $105 per month. Our new service is half the price and oh-so-many times the speed.

It’s just nutty that Light of Reason only takes about a half a second to load now. Even my PINE e-mail sessions are so much faster. Awesome!

Well, I suppose that I need to spread the geeky love to Paul’s computer now. (I have to install a second network card on my machine to reactivate the local network.)

This is really awesome. Really. Really. Really. Awesome.

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