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Oct 162008

A most welcome message from Tony Donadio, posted to OActivists last week:

In response to last week’s passage of the financial bailout legislation, I’ve taken the liberty of acquiring the domain name and creating a rudimentary website. It can be found here:

Right now, it’s more or less just a skeleton, consisting mainly of links to various articles on the subject. However, I have a strong suspicion that last week’s bailout isn’t the last one we’re going to be facing, and that the website may continue to be relevant for some time to come. I plan to try to update it steadily as my (unfortunately limited) time allows, both with original material and with new and timely links.

I’m interested in feedback and thoughts on what I’ve (hastily) thrown together so far, so please feel free to respond to me (preferably directly, so as not to clutter the list) if you have any. I’m also interested in new and useful links as well as original contributions if you have any to offer or suggest.

Thanks — Tony Donadio

Tony has done a fantastic job with Repeal the Bailout. Kudos to him! Please do point people to it in any writing you do about the financial crisis, e.g. in e-mail discussions, comments on news stories, comments on blogs, and the like.

Such small sites focused on some current issue — like my even smaller Vote No on 59 — are relatively easy to create, maintain, and promote. They can get a steady stream of search traffic, as shown by the stats of No on 59. (See the visits and referrals.) They’re an effective and enduring form of activism for just a few hours of your time.

Notably, because of Vote No on 59, Ari Armstrong was interviewed by the local news for a segment on Amendment 59 on Tuesday. It was shown at 5:30 and again at 9:00; you can watch it here. (The reporter called me due to the web site, and I pointed her to Ari, as he’s more knowledgeable than me.) That’s an unusually good result, but certainly possible in a busy election season! In the meantime, over 100 interested Colorado voters each day are reading why they should vote “No” on this permanent tax hike.

You can make a difference — if you speak out!

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