A Petition Worth Signing

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Apr 112002

I just signed the petition against banning theraputic cloning of Franklin Society. It reads:

Therapeutic Cloning Should NOT Be Banned

We the undersigned recognize that the cloning of cells offers scientists the chance to advance medical research and perhaps one day treat devastating illnesses such as juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s by replacing lost or debilitated cells.

Congress should not outlaw this research despite recent pressure from various political factions. Nor should Congress impose a moratorium on this research, which would have the effect of halting the advances that are currently being made.

We the undersigned–many of us conservatives, some of us scientists, all of us concerned for the future–want it known that therapeutic cloning has supporters from across the political spectrum. To halt this research would be a terrible blow to science and public health.

It’s worth a look — and a signature.

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