An Award!

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Jan 272003

I have been completely remiss in not publicly thanking Don Watkins for his kind comments about NoodleFood in his new blog. I’ve known Don from HPO for a while. Then last year, I met him at Washington Metro Objectivism Discussion during my talk on honesty. During that meeting, I blurted out something so me that it’s embarrassing. (It’s not really embarrassing, just so very much like me that it’s embarrassing… or something like that.) Don’s blog will tell you all about it.

Oh, and as for my previous profession, I was a web programmer for a few years, not a designer. Nevertheless, I did do a great deal of graphic design work in high school. (My mother was a graphic designer at the time. My sister, now a potter, also worked as a graphic designer for a number of years.) And, of course, my professional programming work always has me working closely with web designers, some of whom have been quite phenomenal.

So my aesthetic sense isn’t too terrible. But my sites would look a heck of a lot nicer if Josh Zader designed them. His redesigned site looks phenomenal!

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