Palin Debate Disaster

 Posted by on 1 October 2008 at 4:36 pm  Election
Oct 012008

I’m really looking forward to the vice presidential debate tomorrow. Why? Because Sarah Palin promises to make a total ass of herself. Just consider her inability to answer the questions of that intellectual powerhouse Katie Couric:

Here’s the transcript. She’s often completely incoherent, almost as bad as Miss Teen South Carolina. In fact, Tina Fey did a hysterical parody of that interview on Saturday Night Live without changing a word. Just see this comparison from CNN:

So if Joe Biden isn’t totally asleep at the wheel — and sadly, he might be — she’ll be crushed in the debate. Then, if we’re lucky, the leadership of the Republican Party might engage in some hasty generalization: they might conclude that evangelical candidates are toxic.

Of course, I wouldn’t be happy about an eventual Obama/Biden win, if that happens. McCain would be a horrific disaster, and Obama is — at best — only slightly less evil. Still, I’d like to see the darling of the evangelicals get a good slap.

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