Sep 202008

I’m pleased to report that I’ve been accepted in the Leadership Program of the Rockies, the nine month training course for the up-and-coming policy makers in Colorado, particularly aimed at people of a more conservative persuasion.

I’m even more delighted to report that I’ve raised about $500 for my tuition via NoodleFood and OActivists. LPR will be contributing $200 from their scholarship fund as well. So I’m still in need of about $200.

If you haven’t yet donated but wish to do so, please contact Jenn Hamann, the finance director of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, sometime in the next few days. Her e-mail address is JennHamann#AT#aol#DOT#com. Please indicate that you wish to help fund a scholarship for me in particular. Remember, any donation would be tax-deductible — and even a small donation would help.

You can donate via LPR’s website (with PayPal) or by check to Leadership Program of the Rockies; 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 807, Denver, CO 80210. You might wish to verify with Jenn that funds are still required before actually donating, however. Also, please e-mail me, so that I can thank you properly and update you on the program.

Again, I give a huge thank you to everyone who has already donated — or will donate. You folks are awesome!

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