I have an unusual request: I’m seeking a bit of your hard-earned dough to support my activism for individual rights in Colorado and elsewhere. Let me explain:

I’ve recently applied for the “Leadership Program of the Rockies” (LPR), a nine-month training course for the up-and-coming policy makers in Colorado, particularly aimed at people of a more conservative persuasion. You can find out more about the program on their web site.

Lin Zinser completed this program two years ago. She found it helpful with regard to media and grassroots organization, although the philosophic content of the program is definitely of mixed quality. The people who run it are friendly to Objectivism, however. Yaron Brook will be speaking as part of the program this year, as he’s done for the past few years. Also, Atlas Shrugged is required reading for the program.

I expect the content of the program to be helpful in my work with the Coalition for Secular Government, as well as with other forms of activism. The program itself will be an opportunity for me to advocate good ideas to the future political leaders of Colorado.

The cost of the program is $895. I’ve been asked by LPR whether I might know of anyone willing to fund a scholarship for me. So, I’m asking whether any of you might be willing to make a contribution toward that end.

Paul and I can afford to pay the full tuition ourselves, but doing so would definitely cut into the funds available for the Coalition for Secular Government. CSG accepts no donations; costs are borne entirely by Paul and myself. That’s because our costs are not great and the regulations pertaining to tax-exemption are too burdensome to be worth navigating. Yet the LPR tuition would be a pretty hefty expenditure: it would cut into the money available for other CSG activities, such as printing and distributing our issue paper on Colorado’s dangerous “Personhood” Amendment. Consequently, some help in funding would be very much appreciated. Plus, because LPR is tax-exempt, any money you donate would be tax-deductible.

Basically, your donation to LPR would be a round-about way of supporting the work of the Coalition for Secular Government.

If you wish to donate, please contact Jenn Hamann, the finance director of the Leadership Program of the Rockies, sometime in the next few days. Her e-mail address is JennHamann#AT#aol#DOT#com. Please indicate that you wish to help fund a scholarship for me in particular, provided that I’m accepted into the program. You can donate via LPR’s website (with PayPal) or by check to Leadership Program of the Rockies; 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 807, Denver, CO 80210. And please e-mail me, if you like, so that I can thank you properly and update you on the program.

Thank you!

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