Sep 012008

Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi wrote an editorial critical of the anti-capitalist Democrats at the DNC. I wrote the following letter-to-the-editor that was published in the Sunday Denver Post. (And the editors gave it such a lovely title, “Individual rights should be the cornerstone of change.”)

Bravo on David Harsanyi’s column, “In Denver, the end of capitalism.”

The Democrats evade the truth of how the wealth they expropriate is created. They hijack the word, “investment,” to justify the legalized stealing of earned income to pay for their “solutions.”

To the Democrats who want to lead America, we are nothing more than some group with needs: “underserved,” “women,” “employers,” “seniors,” “the corrupt,” “the bankrupt,” etc. There is no mention of the fact that we are individuals–and that the pursuit of one’s own life and happiness is the foundation of our rights in this country.

Freedom, individual rights, and property rights should be the cornerstone of what the U.S. needs to move forward. I have a new slogan for the Democrats: “Change for America: the immolation of the individual in service to others.”

Another reader, Sukumar Vijaraghavan, also wrote a letter. It is so rabidly anti-capitalist that it makes me wonder why the reader doesn’t move to Cuba and become Michael Moore’s roommate in one of Havana’s public housing projects.

But I got the last word between the two letters, so HA HA!

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