Unspeakable Evil

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Apr 102002

Yesterday’s Best of the Web includes some mind-boggling stories of anti-Semitism. Most distressing is this story from Norway:

Ingmar Tveitt, a friend of Norwegian Parliament member Jan Simonsen, was ordered yesterday by Parliament security guards to remove his jacket because a Star of David was displayed on the chest pocket.

Go read the detailed account from Best of the Web, as the news story is not in English.

In light of my strong support of Israel’s right to defend itself and the growing threat of anti-Semitism, I have idly thought of wearing a small version of the flag of Israel, similar to Ingmar Tveitt’s. Not being even remotely Jewish myself, it would be something like the apocryphal story of the Danes all wearing the star of David so that the Nazis couldn’t identify the Jews. (However untrue that particular story may be, the Danes did protect their Jews from the Nazis, unlike the people of other countries.)

I wonder what sort of reactions I might get.

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