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Jan 012003

I’ve been running behind on adding links to various worthy people and organizations, so in addition to Mudita Journal (below), let me mention:

  • Objectivist-friendly Aristotelian Rod Long has a fun unblog titled In a Blog’s Stead. Right now, the top unpost concerns what “Austro-Athenians” owe John Rawls. (The credo of “Austro-Athenians” is “The libertarians are right about economics and politics. The Greek philosophers are right about everything else.” Delightful!) Rod also had an excellent post on dogmatism in Objectivism a few months ago that I hope to comment upon soon. (It’s not a time sensitive issue, so it can wait a bit longer without going stale.)
  • Thanks to Arthur (who has some great new posts up), I’ve added a link to the active and vigorous Citizens for Voluntary Trade.
  • I recently found out about The Rattigan Society for gay and lesbian Objectivists. Questions abound: Must a person be gay or lesbian to subscribe? In other words, are bisexuals and transgenders unwelcome? (And yes, I do know two transgender Objectivists, although both would now qualify as lesbians now, I suppose.) And what about Objectivists just interested in issues related to sexuality, including homosexuality?
  • I’ve recently discovered (or perhaps rediscovered, I don’t remember) the The Objective Daily American. Presently posted is an upbeat commentary for the new year on the rebellion against idiotic government regulations now institutionalized in our culture.

    I’ll have some more catch up articles to post later, but this is all for now!

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