Renewable Energy?

 Posted by on 25 August 2008 at 5:02 pm  Environmentalism, Politics
Aug 252008

Keith Lockitch, Resident Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, has a post on renewable energy on The Hill Blog. Here’s the philosophically juicy bit:

The basic premise of environmentalism is to leave nature alone — to preserve it untouched by human activity. Capturing and utilizing any source of energy — even ones that are supposedly green and renewable-will necessarily have some impact on nature, and will therefore inevitably be subject to environmentalist attacks and condemnation.

Ultimately, what this means is that environmentalists don’t actually want us to find alternative ways of producing energy; they want us to stop using energy altogether. And since the use of energy is an indispensable component of everything we do in our lives, the greens’ opposition to even such ridiculous, impractical sources of energy as solar and wind reveals their basic animus against human life.

Mr. Schwarzenegger added “if we cannot put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don’t know where the hell we can put it.” But that is the whole point. On green philosophy, there is literally no place on earth for mankind.


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