Fortunately, Art Doesn’t Reflect Reality…

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Aug 122008

…At least not yet. Here’s a description of one of the plays in the summer 2008 Edinburgh Festival (emphasis mine):

Eco-Friendly Jihad

Like The Guantanamo Years, it is a vehicle for his [Abie Philbin Bowman's] particular brand of comedy, a series of jokes (with some serious bits thrown in ) woven around an unlikely narrative which his blarney makes believable. This one has to do with meeting a pretty, young Scots-Bangla woman who adheres to the view that the best way to reduce carbon emissions is to kill as many rich Westerners as possible.

Bowman has a gift for winning an audience over, and coaxing original, friendly humour from subjects that are neither friendly nor funny. He’s done his homework, and there are plenty of facts here, but the underlying message is a bleak one: as long as we continue being middle-class consumers, it ain’t looking good for the human race.

Normally, I wouldn’t take stuff like this too seriously. But over the years I’ve seen how frequently yesterday’s ridiculous hypothetical example becomes tomorrow’s real-life issue.

And although framed as a comedy, the essential anti-man premises of environmentalism should be apparent.

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