Aug 042008

If a bunch of Islamic nations have their way, it will be against international law to hurt people’s feelings about their religion. The forum in which this atrocity is being pushed? Are you sitting down? The United Nations. (I know that was a big surprise — are you OK?)

Whatever the current facts on the ground, the United States is still regarded today primarily as an idea — the idea that freedom is the only proper social system. Every day the United States and other freedom-loving countries remain in the U.N. is another day dictators and violent theocrats worldwide enjoy a patina of legitimacy through association with free nations. If the free nations withdraw, the legitimacy of the violent nations will vanish and the U.N. will implode as they try to kill each other. Best thing for the U.N., really.

(Via The Volokh Conspiracy and Overlawyered, and cross-posted to ms. think.)

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