Jul 252008

The religious right in Colorado is at it again, and they just won’t stop! I have decided to call them, “The Colorado Coalition for a Talibanesque America.”

A religious anti-abortion Colorado group already got a ballot initiative that would grant legal rights to a fertilized egg–which of course is an open attack on reason and liberty.

Now a local church is going for a ballot initiative to force schools to provide 5 minutes of meditation each day. This is nothing more than a naked attempt to get prayer in the schools, and they darn well know it.

These groups are not ignorant of our constitutional right to worship as we choose. But it isn’t good enough for them to practice their religion and respect the right of others to do the same.

Their goal is nothing less than to impose upon all Americans a society legally based on religious-right Christian morals. If you don’t believe me, just read their websites.

Our precious freedoms in America are based on secular principles of reason and reality, not on mystical ideas like those defining the repressive, backward and utterly irrational Sharia laws of Islamic societies. And we certainly can’t forget the centuries of stagnation and suffering under the tyranny of the power-lusting Catholic Church.

The separation of church and state protects churches from being overtaken by the state, and protects our society from being overtaken by the church.

But more than that, it’s a principle that upholds as society’s moral foundation not ghostly revelations by control freaks wearing goofy hats, but the facts of human nature and our requirements for thriving as civilized and rational beings.

The religious right groups must be stopped before they’ve had that second pot of coffee. In each of our states where these initiatives are happening, we must not sign their petitions. And we must soundly defeat their initiatives at the ballot box. We must write letters to the editor and to our legislators saying, “No more!”

If we don’t defeat the religious right by proudly reclaiming America as a secular society, we will have the church in our schools, in our doctors’ offices, in our bedrooms, in public buildings, in parks, at work: we will have the church in our lives everywhere.

If we don’t stop the religious right from hijacking the moral foundation of our society, we will never be able to turn back.

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