Epic Weekend Ride

 Posted by on 26 June 2008 at 7:09 pm  Fun, Personal, Sports
Jun 262008

Whew! I was still a bit depleted Monday, with my brain a little foggier than usual.

This past weekend, we decided to try out an annual mountain bike ride that veteran riders around us have been talking about: the Wild Rockies Boise-to-Idaho City Tour!

Here are the essential stats: we mountain biked about 90-95 miles over two days, climbing a total of about 14 thousand feet (maybe seven hours of riding each day). Tammy and I may be pretty solid riders, but we don’t usually do those kinds of numbers — my rear is still hurting!

We got to ride with about 100 people from around the valley, going from Boise to Idaho City (an old mining town) on Saturday, camping there overnight, and riding a different route back on Sunday.

Extra cool was how the ride was hosted: they transported our camping gear, and there were lunch and a few “snack break” stops along the way, dinner at the destination — oh, and there were showers at the high school in Idaho City! I’m pretty sure Tammy thought that improved things in the tent. :^)

Very satisfying to be able to hang with that kind of crowd! (And nice that there were no real injuries in such a large group.)

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