Top 10 All-Time Stupid Human Tricks

 Posted by on 25 June 2008 at 5:24 am  Funny, Politics
Jun 252008

1. Believing in God. What more needs to be said? It’s stupid.

2. Claiming that human-made CO2 causes global warming.

Point one: The sun–over eons–is by far the major driver of atmospheric CO2 levels–not human industrialization over the past minuscule decades.

Point two: Temperature rise precedes the rise in CO2 because warming temperatures enable the vast ocean reservoirs to release CO2 into the atmosphere. (Sorry, Al, you’ve got it backwards and upside-down–there is no credible scientific evidence that human-created CO2 causes global warming!)

3. Believing anything that Al Gore says.

4. Agreeing with the health care policies of a Senator who advocates socialized medicine for Americans, but whose life is saved as a direct consequence of the virtues of what’s left of free market medical care.

5. Voting for such a Senator. It’s stupid.

6. Acquitting OJ Simpson of brutally slaughtering two innocent people and making such a mess on the porch.

7. Forgetting to buy tickets to see the Dancing Itos.

8. Having confidence that Hamas will adhere to the latest cease fire with Israel. Hamas hates Israel, always has, always will, and will never adhere to any civilized contractual agreement. The whole thing is stupid.

9. Calling Mel Gibson a “filmmaker” since his release of Apocalypto. He should be called “man in need of psychiatric assistance.”

10. Not reading Ayn Rand. It’s s……, not a wise choice.

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