Happy Birthday to Gus!

 Posted by on 22 June 2008 at 10:50 am  Objectivist Roundup
Jun 222008

Congratulations to Rational Jenn and her husband Brendan on the birth of their son, Sean Riordan Casey (aka “Gus”)!

Jenn has done a great job of creating and maintaining the very active and like-clockwork Objectivist Roundup, a blog carnival highlighting the best posts from Objectivist bloggers each week. She created it shortly after I created my OBloggers mailing list.

I’ve not linked to these weekly carnivals, for the silly reason that I’ve not gotten in the habit. I’ll try do so from here on out, however. (In fact, I’m sure to do it from here on out, as I just added it as a recurring Thursday task to Entourage. Thanks again, GTD!) You can find the full list of past carnivals from this page. (Just click on “past carnivals”.) Last week’s carnival can be found at The Crucible & Column.

Ah, but all of that is of minor importance compared to the health of mom and baby! Congratulations again to Jenn and Brendan — and little Gus!

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