From Flat World To Free World

 Posted by on 16 June 2008 at 8:49 pm  Economics, Politics
Jun 162008

Yaron Brook has a new column on Forbes: From Flat World To Free World. It begins:

Considering the many jubilant boasts by “flat world” devotees in recent years, you might have been tempted to regard economic globalization as a juggernaut, powered by inexorable forces of technology and history.

Big mistake. There’s no preordained direction for the world economy–only an undetermined future that will take the shape of whatever ideas and policies we choose to uphold. The lack of an intellectual defense of capitalism has left free markets vulnerable. “The power of the state is reasserting itself,” said Daniel Yergin, co-author of The Commanding Heights and a free-market optimist, in The Wall Street Journal recently.

I particularly liked the explanation for the retreat of globalization. So… read the whole thing!

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