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Jun 112008

Introducing… the NoodleCaboodle! NoodleCaboodle is a behind-the-scenes mailing list for friends of this blog. Anyone interested in and friendly to NoodleFood is welcome to subscribe, even if not always in agreement with the views of the NoodleFoodlers. The list is hosted by Google Groups, so a subscription will require the creation of an account with Google, as well as my (mostly perfunctory) approval. The list is unmoderated, but I will remove trolls and other brats from it.

As I mentioned earlier, the list is open to discussions of almost any kind. For example, NoodleFoodlers might post links to interesting articles that may or may not be blogged on NoodleFood, alerts to thoughtful responses to NoodleFood posts around the blogosphere, and so on. We might ask for advice on changes to the form or substance of NoodleFood. In addition, any subscriber would be welcome to post links to interesting articles, ask questions, raise objections, and the like. Hopefully, some of that material will become fodder for NoodleFood posts.

If you wish to subscribe, you can do so here.

The NoodleCaboodle list is definitely an experimental venture for me. It may thrive, or it may flop. I’m rationally optimistic, however. I’m also willing to allow it to go where it will, based on the interests of subscribers.

Also, thank you to everyone who suggested a name in my original post on this idea. I’ll have to use Gus’ delightfully devious suggestion of “The Illuminoodli” for some secret cabal in the future. But of course, only those in the cabal will know for certain that it exists.

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