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Nov 152002

Yesterday I was served with the complaint in the lawsuit that Front Sight, et al. have filed against me regarding my web site “Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza, and Scientology?“. As the complaint is a public court document, I have posted it in its entirety at:

I cannot comment further on the lawsuit at the moment, other than to urge you to look at the allegations and judge for yourselves.

However, let me briefly address four factual matters about which there has been some confusion.

(1) I am not being sued by the Church of Scientology. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against me are: Front Sight Management doing business as Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Ignatius Piazza.

(2) As my comments have always made clear, I have never alleged a connection between Front Sight itself and Scientology. My investigation always and only concerned Piazza’s personal, admitted involvement with Scientology.

(3) As the web site says, Paul and I were slated to attend the Four Day Defensive Handgun course at Front Sight over the long weekend of November 1-4. We found out about the lawsuit the night before, so we did not attend the course.

(4) On a lighter note, I have never seen quite so many creative misspellings of my name! For the record, it is “Diana Hsieh.” My last name is pronounced “Shay” or, better yet, the French “chez.”

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