NoodleFood SuperFriends!

 Posted by on 1 June 2008 at 5:10 pm  NoodleFood
Jun 012008

I would like to create a mailing list — likely through Google Groups — for “friends of NoodleFood.” Anyone interested in and friendly to NoodleFood would be welcome to subscribe, even if not always in agreement with our views, Objectivist and otherwise. (In other words, unlike my mailing lists, I’d definitely not restrict membership to Objectivists. However, as usual, I would remove annoying people from the list.)

The list would be open to discussions of almost any kind. For example, I might post links to interesting articles that I may or may not have time to blog for NoodleFood. I might post alerts to good responses to NoodleFood posts found around the blogosphere. I might post snarky comments about insane responses to NoodleFood posts (e.g. here and here). I might ask for advice on changes to NoodleFood. Subscribers would be welcome to post links to interesting articles, ask questions, raise objections, and the like. I hope that some of that material will become fodder for a NoodleFood posts, whether written by me or another NoodleFoodler.

However, I have a problem: I need a properly whimsical name. NoodleFood specializes in such names. Even apart from the title of the blog, the bloggers are “NoodleFoodlers” and the commenters are “NoodleFoodleDoodlers.” So what would be a fitting name for a mailing list for people friendly to NoodleFood be called?

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