New NoodleFoodler: Gina Liggett

 Posted by on 30 May 2008 at 8:00 am  NoodleFood
May 302008

I’m delighted to announce the addition of yet another guest blogger to the illustrious ranks of NoodleFood: Gina Liggett.

Gina Liggett is a nurse and freelance writer in Denver, Colorado. She’s studied Objectivism for more than 20 years and contributes to Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM) and Front Range Objectivism. In addition to philosophy, she’s interested in religion, politics, individual rights, international affairs, health care policy, science, and fitness. She dances ballet, jazz, and salsa, plays golf, and speaks French and Spanish. Gina can be reached at [email protected].

I’ve been very impressed with Gina’s contributions to FIRM over the past year and a half. She stepped up to the plate, in a big way. I hope to contribute to her opposition to the proposed “personhood” amendment to the Colorado Constitution. (That’s the subject of her first post, to be published shortly.) And, of course, I’m enthused to see what she writes for NoodleFood!

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