Shifting Noodles

 Posted by on 18 May 2008 at 4:08 pm  NoodleFood
May 182008

For some time now, NoodleFood has presumed an audience familiar with and/or in agreement with Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism in too many posts. I’ve grown unhappy with that, as that kind of blogging isn’t consistent with my my goals for activism. So as of now, the focus of NoodleFood will shift somewhat. Except on rare occasion, posts will presume a general audience, as that’s the audience I want to attract, interest, and persuade. Of course, I still expect the blog to be of interest to Objectivists. Also, not all posts will be philosophical: you’ll get your usual doses of cool oddities and funny cat videos.

I want to publicly mention this change for a few reasons. (1) I want to publicly commit to it, so that my friends can gently chastise me if I slip back into my old ways. (2) Commenters might consider offering addenda or raising questions with the goal of making some point more clear or persuasive to a general audience. And (3) the kinds of exchanges in the comments might well change, as more people unfamiliar with Objectivism read and comment on posts. Be gentle and friendly with honest folks, as that’s an opportunity to hone your argumentation skills.

So… you may now resume your regularly scheduled web surfing.

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