Concealed Carry in National Parks

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May 062008

Paul recently posted the following alert to my OActivists list:

Currently, the federal government does not allow people to carry concealed weapons in National Parks. The Dept of the Interior is considering changing that rule so that if you have a valid permit to carry in your state, then you can also carry in a National Park located within that state.

(Currently, one can do so in a National Forest but not a National Park.)

The Fed Gov is currently requesting public comments in support or opposition of this measure.

The proposed rule change can be found here: General Regulations for Areas Administered by the National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

You can leave a comment in support of those rule changes.

Here’s the comment I submitted:

As a concealed carry permit holder in Colorado, I strongly support this change in rules to allow the carrying of firearms in national parks as state law allows.

The ban on firearms in national parks disarms honest, law abiding citizens, thereby preventing them from protecting themselves if attacked. Meanwhile, the criminals know that park visitors are easy pickings, precisely because they are disarmed.

The standard claim that allowing concealed carry will result in more violence and crime is plainly false — as empirical data from the 36 states with shall-issue concealed carry laws proves. Morally, the government ought to allow people to protect themselves from criminals in emergency situations when the police are not on hand.

Please do implement this change in rules.

After I wrote that, I saw that others noted that the rule should allow a concealed carry permit holder from any state to carry in any national park. That’s right, and I wish I had thought of that!

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