Ready to engage your brain and get serious about understanding Rand’s philosophical system? The Objectivism Seminar is about to go through Leonard Peikoff’s presentation of the entire philosophy in Objectivism: the Philosophy of Ayn Rand (OPAR)!

Whether you are new to Rand or a veteran student of Objectivism, our sessions will be valuable to you: we’ll go through the entire system, with the experienced folks refining their understanding and ability to articulate and apply the ideas, while the newer folks grapple with the ideas and ask all the right questions. So please don’t be shy about jumping in — the reading and meeting load is light, and you’ll be working with a great group of people!

We’ll begin the weekly sessions for OPAR on Sunday May 18, 7:30pm Mountain time, reviewing and discussing about two sections per meeting. I’ll almost always be moderating to keep us on track. And as we go, each section will have two volunteers at the helm of the discussion (maybe you!): one reviewing the material, and one playing Devil’s Advocate to stimulate productive engagement. Everyone else can join in as desired to flesh out our picture of important elements and connections, explanations and applications, and to bring questions and concerns for us all to grapple with.

For more information you can read the original Invitation to The Objectivism Seminar, and you can visit the site to get geared up for the journey!

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