Self-Defense on Campus

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Apr 272008

On April 15th, the Colorado Springs Gazette published my letter to the editor in response to its excellent editorial advocating concealed carry at CU in Colorado Springs. Here’s my letter:

I want to thank The Gazette for its editorial advocating concealed carry on campus (“UCCS students want their guns,” Our View, April 13).

I’m a graduate student instructor at CU Boulder. Since 2001 I’ve been licensed to carry a concealed firearm in Colorado. Every time I hear of a new school shooting, I worry that some psychopath might unleash his rage on my campus. University policy forbids any firearms on campus. I obey that policy but it won’t stop a killer from waltzing onto campus armed to the teeth. So if my students and I were in his path, we could only cower in fear in a corner of the classroom, helplessly waiting for him to kill us.

If the university respected my concealed carry permit, my good aim could protect my students from such an unthinkable end. Since I’m a law-abiding citizen trained in the proper use of firearms, my gun poses no danger whatsoever to other peaceful people.

CU’s anti-gun policy is wrong. It ought to be changed, not just in Colorado Springs, but in Boulder, too.

I applaud the efforts of the UCCS chapter of Concealed Carry on Campus.

Such efforts are just starting at Boulder, too. Students and parents wanting to advocate concealed carry at CU Boulder should contact Jim Manley at [email protected].

Diana Hsieh, Sedalia

On April 22nd, I participated in the “Empty Holster Protest” at CU Boulder. It was sponsored by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. As for the importance of concealed carry on campus, John Lott recently published an op-ed on the dangers posed by gun-free zones like college campuses.

Many Objectivists are lukewarm on gun rights, particularly on concealed carry. If you’re one of them, you might wish to read these essays:

Thanks to political activism by gun rights advocates over past 25 years, 36 states in the US now have laws mandating “shall issue” concealed carry permits — meaning that any law-abiding citizen with appropriate training can obtain a permit, without any further permission from local law enforcement. (I’ve had a concealed carry permit since 2001.) Contrary to the frantic cries of anti-gun liberals, the streets have not run with blood — precisely because concealed carry permit holders are not criminals but rather responsible, law-abiding citizens who use their weapons in emergency situations to defend themselves from criminals.

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