Trader Joe’s, Behind the Scenes

 Posted by on 17 April 2008 at 4:29 pm  Business
Apr 172008

I love Trader Joe’s — so much so that the lack of TJ’s in Colorado is my only serious regret about leaving California. I’m still enjoying the care package of Trader Joe’s goodies that Paul and I mailed ourselves while in Maryland visiting my parents. Consequently, I could enjoy this BusinessWeek article on the business model of the chain: Trader Joe’s Recipe for Success. The tagline reads, “By limiting its stock to specialty products at low prices, Trader Joe’s sells twice as much per square foot than other supermarkets.” I’m not surprised. Supermarkets are a mixed bag of good stuff and crud, but Trader Joe’s is chock full of delights!

(Yes, Paul and I do mail ourselves a care package from Trader Joe’s whenever we visit a place blessed with the store. That’s just how much we miss it.)

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