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Mar 282008

Probably for only a brief time, you can watch the short movie Fitna on YouTube, via this page on Little Green Footballs. (I’m linking to that page rather than the YouTube video directly, in the hopes that if that version is taken down, LGF will post a new link if available.) You can also save a copy of the video for yourself.

Paul and I just watched it; I strongly recommend that you do so while you have the chance. What I find so astonishing is that the video does absolutely nothing but accurately report the violent words and deeds of Muslims — yet Muslims are threatening violence at this supposedly unjust accusation of their faith. By those very threats, the Islamic totalitarians prove their harshest critics right — yet again.

Update from Greg: Looks like beefed up their security against the death threats for hosting the film, and now the full 15-or-so-minute version is available at

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