OCON Early Registration Deadline

 Posted by on 19 March 2008 at 7:02 am  Objectivism
Mar 192008

The early registration deadline for OCON 2008 is fast approaching: it’s March 31st. So if you plan to attend or if you’re thinking of attending, you’ll wish to register sooner rather than later to receive the price discounts.

If you want recommendations on particular optional courses, I’d be happy to provide those. Just e-mail me. I’m taking fewer than usual this year, as I expect to be working on my dissertation during OCON. I’ve signed up for:

Depending on my work schedule, I’m also hoping to be able to attend John Lewis’ course Rome’s Punic Wars: Three Victories and Their Lessons in Session 2, but I won’t commit to that until OCON itself. (Paul is taking it.) John’s courses are always excellent, so I’ll definitely buy the course if I’m unable to attend.

As for the general courses, I’m especially looking forward to:

As usual, Paul and I will be attending the opening banquet, but not the closing banquet or the Fourth of July picnic.

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