Enlightenment? Not!

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Oct 212002

Someone calling himself “Michel Paquerot” sent me these two messages under the subject heading “enlightenment” while I was away. Anyone who can make sense of them deserves a gold star.

Sunday’s message:

consider the possibility that there is identity of the logical and the empirical first because in logic or in epistemology proof-or truth-conditions are all the empirical we can adduce and second inasmuch as we consider that any theory is a theory of what is proof or as we may otherwise say a proof apparatus or that each theory is its own epistemology or logic and as such by our first clause can adduce as empirical proof-or truth- conditions.I wonder whether you will deem this enlightenment.

Monday’s message:

imagine that a criteriological device or proof apparatus is quantification over truth values no matter how much then there is a higher order such criteriological device or a meta-criteriological device addording to which every fully general theory of what is proof is a theory of what is the proof of all such theories.


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