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Mar 062008

I recently received the following spam e-mail describing a philosophy book of some kind. It’s so bizarre and incoherent that it’s entertainment!

Book One by E. Ahmed marks the end of idealism and the establishment of knowledge in the hard sense.

Being comprises all that exists and, owing to idealism, can be thought of as either real or ideal. Unlike being, non-being cannot be thought of in terms of two possibilities: real &/or ideal. Non-being is necessarily ideal and impossibly real for it is the absence of reality and thus cannot be representative of any reality. It follows from this that being is necessarily real and impossibly ideal – otherwise we would run into the stark inconsistency of the existence of non-being. That is, existence per se does not apply to ideal entities (ideal entities occur to real entities which exist). This, in brief, marks the end of idealism.

For a detailed exposition of the above and more please visit on the author’s website.

Um, okay, thanks, Mr. Rationalistic Floating Abstraction Man.

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