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Mar 032008

Last week on the OBloggers mailing list, John Lewis wrote:

I will be on the radio next Monday, March 3, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM EST. [That's TODAY!] WBGU FM is Bowling Green University radio. The show is “Political Animals,” hosted by graduate students qua political junkies. The show has had some well-known guests; Jonah Goldberg was on last week, and they get a lot of play in Canada.

My ostensive topic is the election, although I told them I’ll have nothing to say about the “candidates” per se, except to note the crappiness of it all, and to offer an alternative in Ayn Rand”s thought. I expect some Ron Paul adherents to call in, and I expect to have to disgorge on the libertarians and “anti-state versus anti-statism.”

Radio is 88.1 FM in the Bowling Green, Ohio area. It may be heard on the web at

Please call in. You can do so at (local) 419-372-8810, or (long-distance) 888-7-WBGUFM. You can email during the show at [email protected] (they read emails on-air).

Listen and call in, if you can!

Update: John did a great job — just as I expected — particularly in the discussions of libertarianism. (Kudos to caller Paul McKeever too.)

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