Question for the Academic Experts

 Posted by on 29 February 2008 at 12:02 am  Objectivism
Feb 292008

I have been checking around a little and haven’t found solid answer, so I’m curious if any of our resident scholars of Aristotle and Rand (and Western philosophy in general) can clue me in on a couple of things:

1. Is it fair to say that Aristotle originated the idea of causality as identity applied to action (“entity-causation” — things act the way they do because of what they are), though he wasn’t absolutist on it (they do so “always or for the most part”) — and that Rand developed his lead into the clean, absolute formulation we enjoy slinging around today? Any other big players?

2. Was it Rand alone who came up with “existence is identity”, clearly articulating how existence and identity are metaphysically inseparable, two different perspectives on the same basic fact? Or did she develop it from some earlier lead?

Any hints would be most appreciated!


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