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Feb 202008

Via my “Ayn Rand” Google News Alert, I found this lovely little opportunity to post a positive comment supporting ARI’s opposition to the proposed Mississippi law “that would revoke the business license of any restaurant that serves food to fat people.” It’s an OC Weekly blog post that explicitly mentions and quotes from this ARI press release.

In the future, I’ll be posting these kinds of opportunities for comment on the OActivists mailing list.

Update: Here’s my comment:

This proposed law is really too stupid for comment, but it’s exactly what opponents of blaming tobacco companies for smokers predicted.

Restaurants should not be charged with the chore of refusing food to fat people. It’s the job of the fat person to eat healthy food in moderate portions. Obviously, it’s just as possible to do that well or badly at a restaurant as at home.

What’s next, making sure that dorky people are well-dressed before allowing them to leave the house?!? Fat police, fashion police, it’s all the same nanny state inanity.

Comments do not appear immediately, by the way.

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